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Broad detials of Pneumatics Applications in each major areas: 

  • Power Stations:
    Bolierhouse ventilation,remote operated valves,pneumatic switch controls.

  • Nuclear Engineering:
    Fuel and absober rod drive mechanisms,interlocking of equipment hatches and personnel airlocks,test and mesuring systems.

  • Water Supply:
    Level controls,remote operation of valves,valve and ranking gear operation in clarification and sewage treatment systems.

  • Mining:
    Auxilliary equipment for direct and indirect winning and processing in open-cast and underground workings.

  • Chemical Industry:
    Head locking units,food systems,mixer rolladjustment,laboratory mixers,lifting and lowering gear for bath installations,valve operators,weighing machine controls,packaging,moldmaking for foaming palnt,level controls,process control systems.

  • Furniture Making:
    Hardware feeder and mounting press drives,clamping units ,assembly aids,frame presses,drill feed units veneer cutting units, board stopand conveyor controls glue feeders,molding press units,dowel glures.

  • Woodworking:
    Tracer drives,copy shapers,slot boring drivers,clamping and feeding equipment.

  • Brush Goods:
    Faders,clamping units,pressing and stamping units,cutters.

  • Paper Production:
    Roll adjustment and press gear on paper machinery stacking units.

  • Paper and board:
    Feeders,clamping units,cutters,embossing and pressing units,bundling equipment,waste press drives,staples and clipper drives,folding units strip feed monitoring.
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    Coalescing Filters

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    Zero Air Loss Automatic Drains