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Welcome to Siemag

"Our philosophy and approach are timeless, Yet blend comparably with change and innovation"

Siemag Industries was established in the year 1959 primarily for the manufacture and supply of Fluid Power Accessories especially in the field of pneumatic.

The company has successfully developed a variety of control and automation products over the years as a result of continuous effort and enterprise thereby providing an effective solution to pneumatic control problems.

Siemag follows stringent quality control system and was the first company to be awarded the ISO-9001:2000 certification in the field of Pneumatics.

Organisational Set Up

Headed by Mr.Rajesh R Jangam, a professional in the field of pneumatics. Siemags core team comprises of qualified engineers having vast experience in the respective disciplines.

The company has the following departments to fulfill the basic objectives:

Design and Engineering
Quality Control
Customer Support and Servicing

Manufacturing Facilities:

The manufacturing activity of the company is based in Mumbai & the facilities include 3000 Sq Ft area with...

Well-equipped machine shop with manpower
Adequate testing facilities to assure sustainable quality level
Computer support in respective areas
Established & dependable sub-vendor in different areas
Reliable suppliers of various raw materials and components

Product Range:

Siemag offers a wide range of air line accessories such as FRL's, moisture separators, microcoalescer & activated carbon filters, air dryers, high-pressure filters, hi pressure regulators, instrumentation AFR in aluminum & stainless steel 316/316 L, blow guns, blo-vac guns, pneumatic cylinders, solenoid valves, auto drain valves, needle valves, flow control valves, ball valves, NRV's, QRC'c, safety relief valves, shuttle valves, slide valves, hose reels, coiled hose, and robotic arms, pressure gauges and other pneumatic products such as fitting, tubing, etc.

Activated Carbon Filters

Coalescing Filters

Pre Filter

Zero Air Loss Automatic Drains