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Maxi Series
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Manufacturer Siemag Industry



1) Perma- Fog Lubrication high-velocity venturi and automatic bypass module construction.

2) Dial set oil feed adjustment.

3) Full flow sight glass.

4) Two large fill ports.

5) Can be removed from line for servicing or replacement without use of tools, or breaking pipe





                                                        PRESSURE               TEMPETATURE

Poly Carbonate lead                           200 PSI                        120° F

Metallic Bowl                                       250 PSP                       150° F      




              Size                                   Model No.

1/4”    NPT/BSP/BSPT                       LSM - 2

3/8"    NPT/BSP/BSPT                       LSM - 3

1/2”    NPT/BSP/BSPT                       LSM - 4

3/4”    NPT/BSP/BSPT                       LSM - 6

1"        NPT only                                LSM - 8




Wall Mounting Pins                          Kit No. MP 8

Metal Bowl Guard                            Specify Suffix MG 8




The modern Maxi Lubricator not only incorporates the unique modular insert concept of the maxi series, but also employs the highly successful Perma-log Lubricator principle.


Perma- Fog construction features a high velocity venturi which injects a small amount of atomized oil in to the air line where it is swept downstream to lubricate operating equipment. Coupled with the venturi is an automatic by pass which regulates the correct amount of air to the venturi, to effect proper automization at all flow rates from 2---250 SCFM and by--passing the reminder around the venturi to minimize pressure drop.


The Perma-fog venturi-- by- pass design enables the Maxi Lubricator to be used on continuous or rapid cycle applications and to be installed either upstream or downstream of the circuit's control valve. The by-pass simply adjusts to any flow or pressure condition. With this wide operating range, the Maxi Lubricator is perfect for any in-plant or OEM application between 2 and 250 SCFM.


The Maxi Lubricator has many worthwhile construction features such as Removable Pipe Port Inserts. Dial Set Oil Adjustment, Full Flow Sight Glass, Double Fill Ports.

Body Pressure Die Cast Aluminium
Seals Nitrile
Bowl Polycarbonate (Optional - Metallic)
Size 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" NPT
Bowl Capacity 270 ml
Max Pressure 10 kg/cm2 (18 kg/cm2 with metal bowl)
Net Weight 980 gm (approx) PC Bowl
Working Pressure 10 kg/cm2
Temperature 0-60C
Sight Glass Polycarbonate

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