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Maxi Series
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Manufacturer Siemag Industry




1) Two-stage cleaning action - Cyclone separation of liquids! Residual filtering of solids.

2) Non-corrosive 25-micron Polypropylene (optional Sintered Bronze) filtering element.

   (1, 5 & 40 micron optional)

3) Manual, Automatic Drain.

4) May be removed from line for servicing or replacement without use of tools, or breaking pipe





                                                            PRESSURE               TEMPERATURE

PC Bowl                                                 200 PSI                        120° F

Metallic Bowl                                          250   PSP                     150° F      

Filter Elements                 :                    Standard supplied with 25 micron & 1, 5, 40 optional




         Size                                               Model No.

1/4”    NPT/BSP/BSPT                              FSM - 2

3/8"    NPT/BSP/BSPT                              FSM - 3

1/2”    NPT/BSP/BSPT                              FSM - 4

3/4”    NPT/BSP/BSPT                              FSM - 6

1"        NPT only                                       FSM - 8




Automatic Drain Assembly                     Specify suffix AD

Wall Mounting Pins                                Kit No. MP 8

Metal Bowl Guard                                  Specify Suffix MG








The Maxi Filter featuring removable multi-sized pipe port inserts is the most flexible and advanced design in the market today. The basic Maxi module is designed for efficient water and solids removal with air flow up to 250 SCFM with only modest pressure drop.


This remarkable performance is made possible through the use of two stage cleaning action. First, the incoming air is centrifically cleaned where compressor carry-over oils, liquid condensate and a high percentage of solid contaminants such as pipe scale are spun out of the air stream and directed into the bottom of the bowl for removal through draincock. Next, the air is drawn through a 40 micron sintered Bronze/Polyproplene filtering element where the remaining solid particles are removed. Wide open porting, exceptionally large filtering surface are and very efficient baffling all contribute to make the Maxi  Filter an excellent performer over its entire operating range.


The modular design of the maxi filter coupled with its wide range performance makes it ideally suited for all general purpose in- plant or OEM filtering applications for air flow rates up to 250 SCFM. A Maxi Filter does the job for a small 1/4" size air drill just as well as it does in a 1" main air line header. The only difference is the pipe port insert size. The same applies for rapid cycle 1/2" pneumatically operated welding gun or a continuous operating 3/4" pneumatically grinder. The basic Maxi module does the filtering; the pipe port inserts adapt it to the correct pipe size.


The Maxi Filter is also available with a wide range of options and accessories such as Manual or Automatic Drain 1 to 40 micron sintered Bronze/ Polyproplene filter element. These Features make the maxi filter, most widely acceptable filter available in the Market today.


Body Pressure Die Cast Aluminium
Element Polyproplene (Optional - Sintered Bronze)
Deflector Plastic
Seals Nitrile
Bowl Polycarbonate (Optional - Metallic)
Size 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" NPT
Plain Baffle Plastic
Bowl Capacity 270 ml
Max Pressure 10 kg/cm2 (18 kg/cm2 with metal bowl)
Net Weight 1.398 gm (approx) PC Bowl / 1.132 gm (approx) No Bowl Without
Working Pressure 10 kg/cm2
Drain Plastic (Optional Metallic)
Temperature 0-60C

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