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Astra Series
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Manufacturer Siemag Industry


1) Compact design

2) High flow  capacity

3) Large diaphragm for greater Sensititivity

4) Balance valve design for optimum pressure control

5) Non rising low torque pressure Adjusting knob

6) Full flow gauge ports

7) Push Pull adjusting knob With Locking Arrangement




Port Size                                                       Model No

G1/4                                                               ASR-2

G3/8                                                               ASR-3

G1/2                                                               ASR-4


Thread Options                                              NPT / BSP / BSPT

Flow Rate                                                       20 To 50 SCFM



Panel Mounting Nut                                       Hole Die 42mm. Mounting  bracket with  screws

Pressure Gauge                                            2” dial ¼ “  NPT back connection (suffix ‘G’ while ordering)

Non Relieving Type                                       Suffix “NR” while ordering




The New Astra Series Filter is the most light weight and compact filter in its range. Available in sizes from 1/4" to 1/2". The Astra Series Filter is the most advance filter with an easy to maintain feature as compared to the other filters which are available in the market.

With two stage cleaning action this filter protects the up-stream equipments from major dirt, rust, pipe scale, and centrifugally cleans and keeps the contaminated moisture, oil carry over, liquids and condensate at bay. The collected contamination can be drained from the feather touch manual drain at the bottom by pressing the drain lever flaps.

Available with an automatic drain option this filter is the best in its range with fully loaded features.

Body Pressure Die Cast Aluminium
Size 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" NPT / BSP / BSPT
Bonnet Plastic
Temperature 0-60C
Bowl Capacity 130 ml
Max Pressure 10 kg/cm2 (18 kg/cm2 with metal bowl)
Output Pressure 0-10 kg/cm2 (Adjustable)
Net Weight 450 (approx)
Input Pressure 10 kg/cm2
Knob Plastic (Locking Type)
Diaphragm Nitrile
Type Relieving (Optional-Non Relieving)
Drain Plastic (Optional Metallic)

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