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No Air Loss Auto Drain
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Manufacturer Siemag Industry

Siemag Industries introduces the New ENERGY SAVING Zero Air Loss Automatic Drains. These ENERGY SAVING DRAINS are very effective in conserving compressed air and work on the principle of leven sensors. The sensor detect the level of condensate & drain the contaminated water without letting out the compressed air, a very effective way of saving compressed air.


The Zero Air Loss Automatic Drains work with a microprocessor based Electronic circuit. These Drain valves reliably discharge the harmful condensate fluids from receiver tanks, Moisture Separators, after coolers, dryers, filters and drip legs and other collection points to keep downstream operations free from liquid contaminants without the loss of valuable compressed air.




  • Zero Air Loss.
  • Saves Valuable Compressed Air.
  • Works From 24 V AC / DC to 230 V AC / DC.
  • Removes contaminated & harmful condensate fluids.
Model No SI-ES-ZAL-2 | SI-ES-ZAL-3 | SI-ES-ZAL-4
Size 1/4" | 3/8" | 1/2"
Work Pressure 10 Kg/cm2
Temperature 70 DegC
Seals Nitrile / Viton
Material Brass / SS 316
Ball SS304 (S4) / SS316 (S6)
Flow Rate 5m3/min | 7m3/min | 15m3/min

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