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Manufacturer Siemag Industry

The Activated Carbon Filter systems are used for the purification of compressed air and in particular to remove all traces of oil in gaseous form. The air purification process is carried out in two separate filtration stages. The first stage consists of the Siemag Micro Coalescor which will reduce the liquid oil content in the air down to 0.01 mg/m3 (at 20C), whilst removing all free water and dirt particles down to 0.01 micron. Liuid contamination is drained away automatically. The specially developed filter cartridge located in the second stage contains a deep bed of activated carbon through which all the air must pass. This cartridge optimizes the air velocity and contact time which after filtration can result in oil levels down to 0.005 mg/m3. A long service life, typically twelve months (Under Tested conditions) is offered by this filter cartridge. The filters housing are of all metal construction. Differential pressure gauges are available upon request. The filter combination employs both manual and automatic drain mechanism for removal of liquid contamination.



Ease of installation

Exacting service

Accurate regulation of any pressure

Compact body

Simple construction

Reliable & affordable



Body - Die Cast Aluminium

Bowl - Die Cast Aluminium

Sight Glass - Polycarbonate

Cartridge - Activated Carbon

Max Op Pr - 17 bar g (250 psig)
Max Op Temp - 50C
Min Op Temp - 1.5C
Efficiency better than - 99.9999% by DOP or BS 3928

Particle Removal - 0.01 Micron and above

Initial Pressure Loss - 0.2 bar

Operating Pressure Loss - 0.4 bar

Replace Filter Element at - 0.8 bar pressure loss

Max Remaining Oil cont - less than 0.005 mg/m3 at 20C


A product specially designed for use within environments demanding critically clean air. This filter system is used extensively in the hygiene, medical & Pharmaceutical Industries. This quality of air also meets international standards for breathing apparatus. In addition feature of this product is its capability to retain its efficiency at very low rates e.g. less than 1% of rated flow.


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